We're all very proud of our new album and are very excited that anyone can now listen to it here and buy it.  It will also be available for download in all your favourite music download sites (including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify...) in May '16.  

Meanwhile, you may buy the digital downloads from CDBaby NOW!.  This is an industry-leading digital music service for unsigned artists.  We have made two versions of the album available here: the Soundtrack and the Singles.  The Soundtrack features edited highlights of the theatrical narrative and is presented in "album" format as only one track per side with no breaks between tracks.  The Singles are just the individual music tracks without the theatrical narrative.  As a special offer when you buy the album you get EVERYTHING! and that is a fantastic bargain.

You can hear 30 second samples of all the individual tracks without the theatrical narrative or preview the whole album end to end (by selecting Side A & Side B at the bottom of the list).  

For fans and collectors there will also be a very special limited edition 12" vinyl version available exclusively at the Edinburgh Festival shows - this is highly collectible and a highly desirable object with an 8 page booklet with a short story "prequel" and exclusive artwork in a gatefold album format.