Guitarist, Scriptwriter, Composer, Arranger, Producer
Richard had a long-held ambition to write a "radio play with music" - a form combining music and drama in the tradition of  some of the prog rock bands of the '70s such as Pink Floyd and later the legendary works of Douglas Adams (Hitch-hikers' Guide to the Galaxy) and Jeff Wayne (The War of the Worlds).  By 2015, after many years of prevarication and distractions, Richard had a script and a hat full of musical ideas then teamed up with a hugely talented group of performers and an independent film producer to create Mercy & The Wild Sea - a live show, album and movie set in the 34th Century and filmed 'on location' in Galaxy of the online game Elite:Dangerous.  Richard also plays guitar in Midlands rock band Love Commandos whose album Siren is available in all good record stores.  And a few bad ones.
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Singer as "Mercy", Lyricist/Composer.

Corinne learned to sing by listening to tapes of Dusty Springfield and Stevie Wonder, only learning to play guitar when she realised it would give her a great excuse to sing to people. She started out busking, where she trained her voice until it could be heard for miles around, and quickly began writing her own songs, some inspired by her own life, some conjured from her rich imagination. She recorded and produced her debut album, Clockwork, in her home studio, taking cues from ELO and Bjork to make an old-fashioned pop record. Today Corinne is performing around the UK, promoting her debut album, and continues to make music in a genre she calls “prog pop for the acoustic guitar”. She is also working on a new album, which may or may not be a concept album based on a post-apocalyptic love story. She has supported Cara Dillon and Chris T-T, and appeared on BBC Radio Northampton a bunch of times.
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"Alexander Selcraig", "Elder 2", "News Anchorman"

Brian plays the 130 year old Alexander Selcraig. When he was much younger he spent many years as an actor making a range of films including Privilege, Clockwise and Inspector Drake’s Last Case. On television he appeared in one off dramas like Lloyd George, Strife and the Golden Oldie Picture Show as well as in classic BBC productions such as Angels, All Creatures Great and Small and Juliet Bravo. He performed onstage in the West End, at the Birmingham Rep and the Bristol Old Vic and played roles as diverse as the tortured genius Alan Turing in Breaking the Code, Tom the born again Thatcherite investor in The Secret Rapture and Guy Jones, the new arrival at the Pendon Amateur Light Operatic Society in A Chorus of Disapproval. Luckily, he won’t be singing in this production…
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"Council Elder", "Mercy's Mother", Stage & Lighting Director for the Live Show
Sofia became actively involved in performance as a late teenager while working with the Common Stock Theatre Company in London and has always felt fortunate to have known and to have worked alongside some inspiring practitioners including playwright Chattie Salaman and Frank Whitten. Actively involved on the London fringe, she was involved in several productions at The Cockpit and Lyric Theatre, as well as the Riverside Studios, London under the direction of Jennie Buckman (former Head of Acting, RADA). Sofia was trained by Dr Christiana Taylor, a former pupil of Lee Strasberg of the Actors Studio and went on to perform several plays at The Sherman Theatre, Cardiff. Among her favourite roles were Lysistrata, Yerma, Esmeralda, Stella, Lady Audley, Viola and Hermia, as well as enjoying a miniscule film role in William Houston's Hamlet. Her direction and performance of Bryony Lavery's More Light won her Best All Female Play at The Garrick Festival, Lichfield and more recently she co-wrote, directed and produced Grated Expectations, performed at the Birmingham Old Rep and 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
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Jon has been playing bass for many years in both original and cover bands covering classic rock, gospel & alternative rock genres.  As well as his involvement in the Mercy & The Wild 
Sea project, he is bassist and a founding member of Coventry-based covers band Stereofix.
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A self taught professional drummer experienced live and in the studio playing all types of music, including rock, funk, soul, pop, rock 'n roll, swing and jazz. Currently working with professional tribute artists performing Ray Charles, Little Richard, James Brown and Dusty Springfield. Conrad uses Zildjian cymbals, Remo heads, Pearl pedals, Black Panther snares and Wharfedale Pro drum mics.
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Alex is trained in both classical and jazz piano. Winner of the 2010 Dudley Festival Young Jazz Pianist Award and was lucky enough to see both Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck on their final tours. When not playing piano he's busy developing an exciting new Fantasy Football iPhone game for fans of the English Premier League fantasy football.
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OLIVER JONES of Better Feeling Films:
Film Director, Storyboard Artist
Ollie studied animation at Wolverhampton with his graduating film playing at various festivals around the UK. He then worked for the Likes of the BBC, Vertigo Films and Channel Four films on various productions. In 2008 he won a  Star Wars fan film award for a 60 second remake of The Empire Strikes Back at the San Diego Comic Con. He produced his first feature film Lost in the Headlights and then, via a Crowd sourcing campaign, produced a short film based on superheroes operating in Birmingham - in which film maker Kevin Smith was a Producer. More recently he has mostly been focusing on Music videos  - The Prodigy, Sylosis, Bury Tomorrow, &U&I and Bovine to name but a few. He won the 2015 Empire Film Award for his "Ghostbusters in 60 seconds" film and is soon to launch a new Crowd Funding Campaign to further the adventures of his Brummie Superheroes.
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GREG CHANDLER of Priory Recording Studios
Studio Engineer: Mercy & The Wild Sea album.
The album was recorded at the Priory Recording Studios, Sutton Coldfield with Greg as sound engineer and all-round sonic advisor.  Aside from his work in the recording studio Greg plays guitar and is vocalist for Doom Metal band Esoteric (
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Graphic Artist
After starting as a client "meeter and greeter" at Rushes VFX and Colouring House Costas went on to transfer old film opticals skills to operating and assisting with Quantel Paintbox and Harriet.  He then assisted all GFX departments through the mid 90s when the Discreet Logic Flame revolution began. He assisted the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival team with graphics requirements ever since the festival began in 1999. Costas is venturing out of retirement to create the visual graphics and promotional material for Mercy & The Wild Sea including imagery for the online presence and the album cover. 
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Elite:Dangerous image capture lead and battle choreography
Tom, AKA "Commander Lancer" is serious enthusiast for all things Elite. He has his own YouTube channel with hints, tips, test flights, combat techniques and galactic discoveries - all well worth checking out for both space enthusiasts and gamers.
Contact Cmdr Lancer:

Elite:Dangerous Commanders (performing as Phantoms, Bounty Hunters & Federation Commanders)
Ghost Legion are a diverse team of galactic Combat Pilots, Merchants and Explorers who work together to maintain justice and order throughout inhabited space. Their only allegiance is to Justice and they are always looking for commanders to join their fight to decimate the criminal element.
Contact the Ghost Legion: 

Three tracks on the album are re-interpretations of songs from two of Richard's previous bands - Mirage (NWoBHM band who made it to WikiPedia here) and High Society, both of which featured singer & songwriter Richard Morgan and drummer Gerry Turner who have been been extremely supportive of the Mercy & The Wild Sea project.  Thanks guys (cheque's in the post!).


Many of the Mercy & The Wild Sea visual elements were created using assets and imagery from Elite Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc, for non-commercial purposes. It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developments was involved in the making of it.

Elite: Dangerous is a space adventure, trading, and combat simulator. Piloting a spaceship, the player explores a realistic 1:1 scale open world galaxy based on the real Milky Way, with the gameplay being open-ended.  The full Mercy & The Wild Sea live show would not be possible without the galactic backdrop and deadly, space-faring ships provided by this excellent game:  400 Billion Star Systems, each star, planet, moon, asteroid field and black hole of the 400 Bn star systems of our Milky Way is simulated with incredible scientific accuracy.  The epic scale combined with the finest details make this the largest designed playspace in video game history.  Elite Dangerous is all based on 'hard science', so the composition of the galaxy itself, the way ships fly, SRVs drive, their look, their technology, the different societies, is all plausible; its what the makers believe it will be in the 34th century. It's a cut-throat galaxy, home to warring superpowers. It provides a truly stunning stage upon which to blaze your own trail, as you do whatever it takes to earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite.

Check out the game here: