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This original work brings together a live band, dramatic performance and a spectacular movie created by award-winning BetterFeelingFilms. Set in the 34th century’s beautiful cut-throat galaxy of the online multiplayer game Elite:Dangerous (Assets borrowed from Elite Dangerous, with permission of Frontier Developments plc).

The show was premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 6-13th August 2016 at Paradise in Augustines, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. EH1 1EL. (Venue 152) and the whole "studio version" of the production can be seen on YouTube here:


See the movie trailer HERE

Prog Festival Giveaway

The Seventeenth Dream of Dr. Sardonicus three-day festival

We've teamed up with Fruits de Mer Records to give away an EXCLUSIVE CD version of the Mercy & The Wild Sea Album without the theatrical narrative that is featured on the limited edition Vinyl version.  On this special version there are also THREE bonus tracks:

Hunger (For Mercy): featuring the voice talents of Brian Portsmouth reading an extract from the story Prologue provided with the booklet.

The Apprentice: Richard Price's original Demo.

We Fight to Win: Richard Price's original Demo.

This CD is ONLY available with the Dr Sardonicus Festival tickets.  




Released this week to mark the end of the live show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016, our special 12" Vinyl Collector's Edition of Mercy & The Wild Sea is now available for purchase:

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Specially mastered in the recording studio for Vinyl sound and with the cover artwork beautifully designed by Costas Charitou, the gatefold sleeve also contains an 8 page 12" booklet featuring original concept material ultimately used in the final script written by Richard Price alongside storyboard artwork created by Oliver Jones of Better Feeling Films and Elite:Dangerous imagery. Snapshots from the final film provide a photographic storyboard centrefold for listeners wishing to follow the narrative of retired Elite Commander Alexander Selcraig (Brian Portsmouth).

Tracks include the following tracks with edited highlights of the theatrical narrative:

Events (A Scarborough Fair Variation)
 - when aging Alexander Selcraig desperately tries to pull himself together and face the terrifying council of elders to tell of news he has just received of someone that he thought was dead for a 100 years
The Apprentice
- Selcraig relates some of the history of his first connection with the Federation Academy before his own career as an Elite Commander and his move into the Intelligence Services.
Symphony In You
- Assigned to spy on Mercy Kreutznaer, a disgraced Elite Commander who has been grounded for consorting with pirates, Selcriag realises he's fallen in love with her.
Just Didn't Happen
- Unable to keep up the pretence Selcraig confesses all, with disastrous consequences.  Mercy is declared "persona non grata" in all Federation space and a bounty is now on her head.
 - Mercy goes AWoL after attacking her commanding officers but returns to see Selcraig for one last time before leaving Earth.
Look Around You
 - Mercy's is picked up by her former contacts in the Phantom Services Corporation, a mysterious group of mercenaries and pirates.  They travel to a nearby space station and disappear.
Time To Go Stealing
- Now a fully-fledged Phantom Mercy and her fellow commanders run riot and effectively govern some sectors of the galaxy
We Fight To Win
- With massive bounty on her head Mercy attracts the attention of Bounty Hunters who lay an elaborate trap to capture or kill her, a massive battle results with only two ships surviving: Mercy and one Bounty Hunter
The Wild Sea
- In the final dogfight Mercy's ship is fatally damaged but she manages to evade the bounty hunter but crashes into an obscure planet.  
Carry Me Down (To The Water)
- Mercy
 manages to send one last message to the Phantom Services Sentinels: "...don't attempt a rescue, I'll soon be dead".
So Far To Go
- Mercy overcomes the trauma of the crash and realises there is hope of survival with the resources available on the planet.  She manages to send one last signal to the Phantom sentinels but they cannot establish where she is and she's lost of 100 years.  They never give up looking for her and eventually find her, in a rare gravity environment, ageing only 4 years since being AWoL.  She wants to see Selcraig again and they get a message to him - the message that inspired him to go before the Council.  He explains the story to the Elders and with an archive of secret documents he gathered before retiring they are persuaded, it seems, to allow her home.
So Far To Go (Reprise: the journey home)
- The Phantoms are given a secure route back to Earth with Mercy and she's brought before the Council herself, we see her ship travelling from a remote part of the galaxy back to Earth.  There are plans for military action against the Empire in the area that Mercy had been operating in and the Elders have assigned her a mission to prepare the area for attack.  The dying Selcraig is assimilated as an Elder himself so that his knowledge and expertise can also be deployed in the planning and preparation for the battle.

"The ultimate listening experience" 

 - Gerry Turner

"Absolutely love this album, buy it guys & girls, you will NOT be disappointed"
 - Ron Dovey.


Album on sale NOWWWWW! 

At long last Mercy & The Wild Sea is available to listen to, AND to buy and download thanks to our arrangement with the leading distribution site for unsigned acts.  Visit our MUSIC or our STORE and hear the music right now!

Location Day 1 complete! 

Spent the day in Sutton Park filming the outdoor work... so,unusually, we need to thank the Met Office app for correctly forecasting the weather.  100% correct and all our plans came together!

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Just out of the last Fringe performance, and have to say well done - an excellent piece of work, really impressive mixture of music/ film/ performance. just great to see people do something so ambitious and put so much effort into it - all the best with wherever it goes next.”

— Stephen from Dublin